Friday, September 4, 2015

Football is Back, ALRIGHT!

pics from last fall


Today, husband is wearing his OU red pants and white OU polo, while I've got my OU dress and cardigan on. It's almost the big day. Game day.

I love summer so this comes as a bitter sweet day to me, I know this begins the start to fall days and fall days will eventually bring cool air with them. While I'll enjoy that on my runs for my half marathon training, I'm much more of a sunny-hot-day kind of girl. I'd rather be hot than cold any day.

However, fall also brings OU football,and all football for that matter. I do love keeping up with OU's games. It's so fun living in your alumnae college town. The spirit on game days and through the fall can be felt throughout the city. On game days, if you're shopping at the stores, you're likely to hear to game being played through the speakers. Throughout the week, businesses start painting their windows and putting up OU posters everywhere. And on game day itself, the campus really comes alive with celebration and people. Crimson and cream(white) are everywhere. We've even got our own home all decked out.

We plan on having a number of friends over to watch the first game tomorrow. It's on pay-per-view so hello PARTY! I think it's going to be a full house but I'm stoked. Parties are my favorite. I particularly love putting together the food items and the pretty little decorated table. There are some really fun ideas I've worked up with the Touies girls that I'll be sharing next week. I'm just picturing it all now!

I loved attending the University of Oklahoma and I have a serious passionate pride that runs in me for the school. I may be paying off college loans but I wouldn't trade those loans for those four years in college ever. OU gave so much to my life besides just my career. I made the best friends a girl could ask for at OU, and I met the man of my life there too. I love the school spirit. I love the massive amount of pride. I love the bell turning on every hour on campus. I love the red and white everywhere. It's just awesome and there's really nothing else like it. My passion as an OU alumni is certainly not the only thing I'm passionate about, and definitely doesn't make the top of my list but it's ranked up there. This post does a better job of describing my true passion and dream in this life. So today...
I'm Sooner born
I'm Sooner bred
and when I die I'll be Sooner dead,
Rah Oklahoma
Rah Oklahoma
Rah Oklahomaaaaaaa

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Passion, Pink and Pearls...

Last night we hung out with our small group to kick off the first ever group fantasy football draft. It was wonderful. Food, stories, laughter, catching up...I am excited for even more time with them this Saturday for our college football kickoff party, with the main event- The Sooners!

Since last night's event took most of the evening, there was no time to create a mood board to represent this blog, ie: today's prompt for #blogtemberchallenge So, instead, a little description about this blog and some random pictures will have to do.

Passion, Pink and Pearls...well I don't remember how I came to rest on that name but I do remember scribbling many combinations way back when. It was approximately four years ago that I started thinking about starting a blog. I had begun reading a lot of blogs and for some reason found myself thinking I should write one too. I had just gotten engaged and I thought it might be fun to document the wedding process. I wrote my first post back in December of 2011. It was a total of five sentences.

Passion, Pink and Pearls describes me pretty well. I have a passion for Christ and this life He's given me. I want to honor Him every day with my words and actions. I want my life to bring Him glory. I want my passion for the Lord to be evident so to share His love. Pink, is my favorite color. It's been so for quite a long time. I remember back in high school, we would watch The Extreme Home Makeover, that's when I decided I was going to be an interior designer who wore pink. My dad bought me a purse shaped tool box for Christmas soon thereafter. I now have a pink hardhat to wear to my job sites, and it's awesome. I would venture to say that half of my wardrobe is pink. Basically, it's obvious I love the color pink, and specifically it's coral pink that is my favorite (hence the wedding colors).  Finally, pearls. I'm a total pearls girl. On any given day I'm wearing some type of pearls. Pearl studs, bracelet, necklace...more than likely one of those items is on my every day. I love the delicacy and the classic look of pearls. I love the class of pearls. I also think of "pearls of wisdom" when I think of pearls. My intention was to share my own "pearls of wisdom" at the end of each blog post. This is mostly applicable on DIY posts and I honestly have not kept to this idea very well at all.

I also decided to name my "design company" (not an official company), Pearl Design. It is under this title that I create hand drawn pieces, design concept boards for people's homes, and various other things. I have really enjoyed my time with my pencils over the last year or so. I'm always up for a blogger discount if you're interested in one! And I'm now a designer at Dezignable creating concept boards for clients.

This blog most correctly identifies itself as a lifestyle blog. I share most about my personal life, my faith in the Lord, the lessons God has taught me, some DIYs, some helpful posts, and a lot of just randomness. Thanks for joining me for the ride!

Of my favorite posts, this one is the silliest, this one makes me smile, this one reminds me of God's faithfulness, this one was fun, this one was hard to write but I'm proud of myself for doing it, this one has a funny story, this one makes me smile, in this one Kevin and I dressed like Boy Meets World characters and that's just awesome,  this one (and this one) has one of my all time favorite diys, and, this diy surprised me, and this one is the most pinned on pinterest.

Once upon a time, we went to Paris for 27 hours and Katie Donnelly took pictures of us at the Eiffel Tower

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ideal Days

I think my perception of an ideal day has changed greatly over the last couple of years. In years' past I might have simply said the beach. Next question.

Now, though, I think my ideal day would look different. It would include my favorite things,  like the beach, but more than that it would include my favorite people. Before my ideal days would have just been composed of the what. Now, more importantly, they include the who.

My ideal days are also a little more realistic and attainable. My desires in an ideal day are simplified and do-able. After all, ideal days should be able to happen once in a while, or even better often! 

I've learned to value days differently over the last year. I've learned to value moments with people differently over the last year. I've learned that each day is a stupendous gift from the Lord! I've learned that I need to make each day count and not underestimate the various opportunities I'm given.

So an ideal day, in the here and now, would be simply time with my husband, puppy, best girlfriends and this fabulous group that I've been immensely privileged to lead. And because it breaks down so easily to this, there are many ideal days I would create. So I decided to put together my top three:

one: I'd choose to have a Saturday off with Kevin so we could sleep in together and slowly awaken to the sight of the sunrise peaking through our curtains, a little luxury that we hardly ever get since he works Saturdays. We'd have cuddle time and breakfast in our pjs on the sofa. We'd take our puppy girl on a run or walk, and let her swim in her favorite little lake. After some time of relaxing at home, probably watching a movie, we'd get cleaned up. Then we would enjoy a meal out, or at one our homes, with our life group.

In all likelihood, our upcoming Saturday will look a lot like the above. This is why I choose this kind of ideal day. It's realistic and doesn't leave me living on a wish. This is a dream that I get to live out!

two: A full day with my husband. Enjoying all those little things and going out to try some new things too. No where to be. No one to have to check in with. No things on our to-do list. Just us and whatever our little hearts take us.

This coming Labor Day will likely look much like this. It's what we "plan on" doing. Us time. Whatever happens, happens but most importantly, our schedules have been left open for Monday so we can enjoy whatever comes our way, as long as we're together.

 threeA morning with Kristina chatting and making some deliciously healthy meals. We'd bake a sweet later because that's what we're best at. We're working on exercising more and more so for fun, let's throw in that we'd work in some physical activity. Next, exploring! Kristina is my go-and-do-anything friend. She's always up for any random adventure I've conjured up. My ideal days with Kristina are so varied, but they always include good conversation and some time in one way or another with our missing 2 partners, Emily and Kayla.

Just last weekend, I called up my Kristina for a Friday night adventure. We decided to venture out into OKC and checked out some of the outdoor markets in Midtown. If I were talking more specifically about the "what" of ideal days, shopping some little shops would probably be in there. The weather was delightful and some of those shops just stole our hearts. And while we're on this subject matter, I'm extra stoked to announce that I got to meet the fabulous ladies behind Touies Design while we there! We've been working on a little surprise coming your way, probably next week, and I can't wait to reveal it!!! I've been dreaming this up all week. I'll just say this, it's football time in Oklahoma yall! But back to Kristina and I, we walked the shops, checked out the street fair starting to take shape and ended the night with double scoop ice cream cones, and our favorites, Emily and Kayla on face time. A great night.

Here's a sneak peak from that night, and some shots of Touies Design shop! What's your favorite party?! I'm just gushing over much of what they've created!

Ideal isn't perfect. Ideal, for me, is experiencing something in the best way, with a full and joyful heart.


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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I am...

I saw Victoria post that she was going to be joining the #blogtemberchallenge and I decided to click over to investigate. It's pretty obvious that it's been a long time since I've stuck to a regular blogging pattern. I'm okay with that but I'd also like to get myself back in gear a bit. It's been great relaxing and focusing on other parts of life but I do still love blogging. Plus, the last time I was involved in a link-up in blogging world was so long ago that I don't even know when it was!

So here goes nothing! I'm looking at you #blogtemberchallenge

DAY I: Introduce yourself.

It's funny, you'd think this would be a really easy post but lately I've been thinking about just this more and more. My pastor has often explained that what we do isn't necessarily who we are, though it's often  how we introduce ourselves. He rarely tells people right off the bat that he's a pastor. Who are you really? Introduce yourself in that way, he's often encouraged us.

So if I were meeting your briefly, I might introduce myself a little differently but today I have the space to really introduce myself.

I am

...a child to the most loving Father, the King of Kings, the One who's there in my ever present time of troubles, the One who's provided in every way at every time, my Author and Savior, the Lord of all.

...a wife to a man after God's heart. A man who has pursued the hopeless romantic in me, and continues to do so daily. Happy Engagiversary husband! Check out those little faces!

...a sister and a daughter to a matching blonde-hair-blue-eyed family.

...a fur mom to a petite black lab who is in almost every way my child.

...a giver. I love to make gifts, buy gifts, give in service, give-give-give...we are often are re-arranging the budget because I felt compelled to give to someone in some way.

...a creator. I love to make with my hands, something that's passed down from my artistic mother, I'm sure. Crafting, drawing, scrapbooking, designing, cooking...I don't excel in all these areas but I love trying my hand at them all.

...a server. This comes as no surprise with the above description. If I can serve you in some way, I'm there. And when I can't be there, it pains me and I struggle with feeling guilt at times in this area.

...a learner. What Christ teaches me through the Bible is constantly shaping my day to day. Sometimes, I wish I could have just a little less to learn, sometimes I'm aching to learn more. I'm also learning in my career and my side careers. I'm learning to daily shape how I respond to my husband. I'm learning patience with my pup. I'm learning how I'll pursue parenthood. I wasn't someone who liked school, but I do enjoy learning when it's something I can choose.

...a life group leader. Whoa, who ever thought I'd write that?! I group up in a big, Baptist church, which I completely adored, where everyone went to Sunday School. Never in all my years in the church did I anticipate that I would essentially become a "sunday school teacher." I am far from a good teacher, and it is in fact my husband who leads best in this aspect, nevertheless I am a leader. My husband and I lead a group of people and try to spur them on towards Christ, be their cheerleaders, pray with them, and share so much laughter. It is a complete joy.

...a runner. That one is weird to say too. I think real runners wouldn't agree with my statement but for someone who used to loathe running with a passion, and now actually enjoys a good 4 mile run...I'd say, I'm a runner. I'm training for my first half marathon now, and who knows how that will change me.

...a blogger. Obviously, you're here reading these words that I've typed. For some reason, four years ago I decided to start a blog. My what I've learned! What friendships I've gained! What lessons I've shared! I know God has taught me many times smack dab in the middle of a writing a blog post. Blogging isn't something I saw myself doing but is now something I can't imagine ever giving up completely.

...a mother. Not in the traditional sense of the word. I've been a "little" mother since the day my first little sister, was born. It ties well into being a server and giver. I've been a "mother" to my friends, probably in more ways than they would like. I know the Lord has given me a heart to be a mother to children one day too, when that day is coming, I'm not sure, but I know I will be a mother to little humans one day.

...a Texan. Most specifically, a Houstonian. I spent nearly 18 years of my life in the great state of Texas, and as nearly all Texans do, I'll claim that fact with pride and wave a Texas flag in my home forever. #TexasForever

...a sun lover. Born in Florida (yes I'm aware this contradicts the above, I moved to Texas months after I was born), I love the sun, I love the beach and summer is the best season. No arguments. organizer. I was that friend that all your moms loved because I organized your room for you. Yep, it's true. I'm certain I drive people I work with, and of course my husband, nuts with my unique organization techniques. It may be over the top for some but for me, everything has a place and everything should thus be in their respective places.

...a homebody. You wouldn't think this perhaps right away but it's true. I love being in my own home. It's why I love hosting parties, it's at my home.

...a hostess. As I just mentioned, I love having people in my home. Dinner, parties, movie name it and I'll open my home to you. It's greatly due to the fact that growing up, my home was the party home. All my friends in high school wanted to come to my house with my "cool" mom and all the fun we were certain to have. I strive to do the same now in my home. interior designer. This is my day job. This is what I went to school for. This is what most people would hear coming out of my mouth first when introduced. My career as an interior designer has been full of learning moments, change, and plenty of  unique challenges to creatively solve. My junior year of high school it dawned on me that I should become an interior designer. And that's exactly what I pursued in college. I would never change that.

...a poofy skirt, big sunglasses, lots of pearls wearing girly girl who loves Jesus abundantly, is grateful beyond words for a handsome husband, and a learner of embracing each moment that life gives because each moment can be full of joy.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Speech, Conduct, Love, Faith, Purity

Girls I met my first year in college that changed my life.

Students poured onto campus and spilled through the streets of Norman last week. Norman seems to have come back to life and feels full once again. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy our summers of less cars and the grocery stores usually fully stocked, but when the students come back, Norman feels put back together again.

Between finishing my college freshmen scrapbook and the students coming back, I've been feeling reminiscent of those first days my feet walked on campus. I recall the feel anxiety but excitement. Wondering about every person I met, and bewildered by how many people I already felt so close to. There were classes to figure out, and Bible studies to try out. I remember grabbing every piece of paper that said anything about college student ministries. I'd get back to my too-quiet dorm room and look through them all, discarding some and staring at others. My schedule was filled with churches and organizations to attend.

With every new start to a college semester that I don't go back to school, I realize more fully what an opportunity it is to minister to the heart of college students. This time is the time of their lives! It's the first time, for most of them, to be a part from mom and dad and be making decisions on their own. It's all up to them to go to church or ministry related activities. They're vulnerable and impressionable but also know how to stand on their own two feet now. They're eager and hesitant. They're shaping who they are with every single day and every event they participate in.

Whether you live in a college town or not, would you pray for the heart of college students around our nation, and globe! Pray their hearts would wrestle them out of beds for Sunday mornings. Pray the people the come into contact with would spur them on towards Christ. Pray they choose for themselves to own their faith. Pray they would reach those around them who don't know God. Pray they would be leaders that lead out of their dependence on Jesus. Pray they would look different by their speech, conduct, love, faith and purity.

They've got four years to make a difference where they are.

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12
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