Friday, October 24, 2014

Driving in Cars with Boys

Nearly three and half years ago Kevin and I joined a small group that changed us forever, and we didn't even know it. Right after we got engaged we decided to go to the same church and quickly joined a small group. The group was comprised of all married people, most of them a few years older than us. At the time it was just a great place for us to be invested in, what we didn't realize was how that group would shape us to become leaders of our own group a couple years later.

One of the fun things we learned from that group was doing activities together outside of our traditional Bible study time. Since we meet every other weekend it frees up the opposite nights to do fun events. So tonight, we are going to a corn maze! A tradition that originated from that first group.

This will be Kevin and I's third visit to the corn maze. It changes every year so it never gets old. I can't wait to share this experience with our sweet group tonight.Especially since many of them have never been before.  And with mild temperatures, this time will be like none other! (Yall, tomorrow we have a high of 89! it is OCTOBER!)

In just a few hours my girlfriends will be pulling up to house, we'll get ready together, giggle, laugh, probably listen to some Taylor Swift...our small group will start showing up, we'll pile into cars and proceed to talk and sing our way to the corn maze. Then lose ourselves in the corn maze. The lose ourselves in the corn maze again. Then eat smores by a campfire. Then pile into cars and crash into our beds.

I can't wait.

What are you doing tonight? Have you ever been to a corn maze?

And yes, once again my title has little to do with my post content. Other than we will be in cars with boys. But our plans have nothing to do with the sequence of that movie, Driving in Cars with Boys,...yall seen that movie? 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fast Cars & Freedom

A few weeks back now I took a trip to see the youngest daughter of a sweet family friend have her quince. If you don't know what a quinceanera is, I encourage you to google it. It a a drastically short description, it is a traditional 15th birthday party for a young girl in Latin American families. It's a coming out party if you will that back in history signaled the daughter becoming a woman.

The traditions of the party and the ceremony are so sweet and I've really come to enjoy learning about them, and now been able to attend two. Even if my mom and I missed the ceremony a couple years ago for the first daughter, whoops.

This year my mommy and I had planned to fly into Houston and help decorate, set up, and attend just like the last time around. Unfortunately, my mom's doctor advised her not to travel with her back, please continue to pray for healing for her here. With that news and the fact that I was traveling to Houston and not planning on talking to nor seeing a good friend, my heart began to hurt and I was really disappointed.

I went anyway and can I just tell you? I had the most wonderful trip to Houston I've had in a LONG time. No worries, no regret, no concern that I was letting someone down. It was relaxing, peaceful, included good food, a fun party, and some sweet sweet time with some girlfriends. The Lord gave me the best weekend there and while I missed my mom being there and my heart still hurts about the lost friendship, I found freedom and peace that weekend that I was able to bring home with me. Isn't it so sweet when the Lord knows exactly what we need before we do and gives it to us? We sure are spoiled children of the King.

Fast Cars & Freedom played in my car on the way home from Lifestream last night...hence the title of this post...which basically has nothing to do with Fast Cars & Freedom by Rascal Flats (except for mmmaybe there are fast cars in Houston and this weekend was freeing? ...that's a stretch). Random explanation of title over.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Would you take time?

I've been asked a lot about what it's like to work in a private sector since I worked public previously. There are a number of differences but I think one my favorites has to be the camaraderie, honor and fun there is in being in the private sector. Since we are in competition with other firms for work, there is a great sense of teamwork and pride that go into each project.

I can't believe it has almost been a year since I had my first day here. It really just blows my mind!

Today, I'm reaching out to all of you to help my firm celebrate in another way. We have three big projects up for an award this year in Oklahoma and we couldn't be prouder. Would you be willing to take some time to vote for us? Anyone and everyone, anywhere can participate!

It is as easy as 1,2,3 and super fast! Would you take some time?

1.Click this link
2. Scroll all the way to the bottom click, "click here to vote"
3. Submit your votes. Our projects are entries 13, 14, and 15.

Send it to your friends and family & share on social media too please! Anyone, anywhere can vote!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Love Story: Summer Begins

If you're new around here you can catch up here.

Jumbo post today!
Thankfully, the week of Kevin's pre-camp training week, and my week of crazy final finishes on my studio project, came to an end and it felt so good. I drove to pick Kevin up from the airport and took us straight to my apartment where we sat on the sofa, held hands and talked for hours just holding each other.
I wanted nothing more than to be done with school. I was beyond exhausted after my projects and exams were never a strength of mine. Yet, the more I wished away the days, the more I realized that with the end of this week also brought the end of Kevin and I's time together for this semester. To combat the stress of exams and squeeze some final moments together, we took a date to a local park. We decided walked outside the ballparks and playgrounds, taking the long way around, talking about the summer that lie ahead and holding hands. It was so bittersweet, all we had was one more date after this until our summer apart. 
We sat on one side of the booth at Chik Fil A on Main St. in Norman, Oklahoma, eating chicken biscuits and quietly enjoying one last moment alone before a crazy summer apart. The meal and our time ended too quickly. A friend picked me up to take me to Houston for a few days with friends and my dad before I made my way to Birmingham. Kevin, drove home to pack up his car and cried. 

A week later, Kevin picked me up from the Birmingham airport and welcomed me into his world of StudentLife camp. It was the day before we would all file into the StudentLife offices for check in. Kevin had arranged for me to stay in a hotel with some girls. We pulled up to the hotel, right outside of the airport, in a borrowed truck. In less than 24 hours our time alone would be over for  two and half months. Sitting in the truck with the dark sky above us, and the hotel parking lot lights streaming through the windows, we pulled a teenagers-in-love stunt and proceeded to happily make out in the back seat. As he pulled away and I slid into a bed in a room of girls I hardly knew, I smiled and dozed off.
 I felt like a fish out of water amongst all the people happy to see each other again, happy to see Kevin again and so eager about the summer that lie ahead. It was weird to see Kevin away from the people of  OU, he was totally and happily immersed in this group of people. In this place I was seeing Kevin in a whole new way. He had such a heart for these people and this company's mission of sharing Christ with students. I, on the other hand, was terrified. I had twenty people to get to know and a whole new world to learn for the next two and half months. This mass training week would literally be the last moments I would see Kevin face to face and not through a screen, and he was popping around to people and activities like crazy.
Most of my heart eagerly looked forward to the moments with students, but the rest of it was anxious about Kevin and I's time apart. The summer was certainly going to test our relationship. 
My team was set to leave a day before everyone else. Kevin and I sat on a bench and prayed over one another for the summer ahead in the moments before my team's departure. We hugged, kissed and hugged again. He walked me back to my room and helped me get my luggage down to the truck. I got in the van and watched him walk quickly back to his room. I looked down at my phone to see a message from him pop up. He was crying in his room. I was on a twelve passenger van trying to mesh with my new "family" for the summer.

Friday, October 17, 2014

I I Shake it Off, I Shake it Off

making : dinner plans for a sweet couple from our life group at our home

cooking : probably a chicken and some quiche

reading :  The Hope Quotient and I just finished The Hundred Foot Journey (good book! I want to see the movie now)

watching: Nashville last night...UMM HELLO dude, just give hayden a chance to be happy puuleeeeaasssee (also, am I the only one who thinks this new singing girl is up to no good?)

playing: Shake it Off and counting down days till T swift's CD is released! I'm half trying to decide if I'm going to make Kevin take me in the morning before work...
also, please watch this:

sewing: nothing new as of late but I am considering making my little cousin an apron for kitchen...anyone know of a a good tutorial?

wishing: that my Dr can adjust my thyroid meds soon and I can actually lose some weight!

enjoying: that I have the next TWO Mondays off, using up those final vacation days

likingThe Neiman Marcus cookies I made last Sunday...yum yum yum

wondering: About what to pick up for my Paisley girl, she turns TWO on Sunday!

listening: to SHAKE IT OFF

thanking: my incredible Savior for always providing.

going: to the game this weekend!!! I literally found out 5 minutes ago

loving: my sweet man and his willingness to help me out with, One Closet to Another that Samantha and I started! Are you following us yet?? We can't wait to post up the goods! Follow us and keep your eye out! (click the logo to take you to the instagram account)

hoping: to make some $ off my art pieces & clothes in order to pay for unexpectedly having to replace Kevin's car. Whatcha think of this newest one?

marvelingat the way the Lord works within hearts

smelling: Paisley Grace, she needs a bath PRONTO...but a better smell is this pumpkin cheesecake candle I picked up from Target last week, yall

wearingJeans and my very first OU shirt with my Sperry's...BOOMER SOONER!

noticing: the list of to-dos growing

knowingGod sees me, God loves me, God has me
pinning: recipes to make

gigglingat our blogger video (above)


exercising: by getting with the FriskyFall series by ToneItUp but definitely skipping out on today's work out.
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